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"Every great present has its story ..."

We are on the Mediterranean coast: Valencia, a land of tradition and gastronomic culture linked to rice; it grows in “La Albufera”, a coastal lagoon declared a Protected National Park, an ideal place to grow this cereal, the main base of the most popular dish in the world: Paella.

Our story begins Sunday after Sunday, living unforgettable moments as a family, gathered around the table with a succulent paella made by our father. A whole tradition that, with the passage of time, already in our youth, aroused the concern to share these experiences with all the world’s families.

As the saying goes, “Necessity sharpens ingenuity.” And on a rainy afternoon, very close to the failures of 2012, there were many signs that prompted us to take this step.

With this concern we started a family trip in which we asked ourselves: “Why can we only eat an authentic paella in Valencia?” And so “Auténtica” was born.

Opportunities were opening the way for us, and after several years, it is a reality for which we are grateful and happy to know that almost anywhere in the world, you can enjoy the authentic paella of Valencia.

Tradition and Quality

We are a very demanding company with the quality of our rice.

We cook with the aim of ensuring that you enjoy the authentic traditional flavour of paellas.

We use top quality ingredients and we are very critical of the cooking point of the rice.

At “Auténtica” we cook each and every one of our paellas with the same passion, to bring the Mediterranean and the Valencian garden to your table.

In our facilities, we are governed by quality and control standards, so that our rice does not lose any of its properties.

The short regeneration time makes it easy for you and your loved ones to enjoy an exquisite paella in a comfortable and simple way.

Our rice has the Denomination of Origin seal that represents the quality of our paellas.

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